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January 30, 2011 6:45 pm

Frequently Asked Questions About InTownAuction


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About InTownAuction FAQ's

What is the InTownAuction “Privacy Policy” and where can I read it.

InTownAuction has established a privacy policy to explain to you how your information is protected, collected and used. The link to the Privacy Policy can be found near the bottom of any InTownAuction page.


Where are the “Terms of Use” located?

The link to the Terms of Use Page can be found at the bottom footer of any InTown page. You will also need to agree to the Terms of Use when you register for InTownAuction.


Why use InTownAuction to find local services and pre-owned stuff?

InTownAuction is unlike the numerous classified ad sites, large commercial auction sites or popular group buying sites. One of the best reasons InTownAuction is superior to what is currently available is that it is truly local. Whether you are buying or selling a product or service, you will only see local listings and no invasive advertising. This along with the rich features makes InTownAuction superior to anything else currently available.


What are the “Terms of Use”?

The “Terms of Use” or “TOU” are a series of guidelines put in place for the benefit of the InTown Auction user experience. These guidelines help to maintain a business model that delivers superior service and a rich set of user-friendly features.


InTownWork FAQ’s

I am Looking to Earn Some Extra Money Really Fast. How Long Does It Take Until I Get Paid For My Work?

Any payments between local service buyers & sellers are strictly a private matter. This means that InTown does not collect any service-related transaction fees. When you create a listing for your service, you are free to determine the specific terms and conditions of the service(s) you provide. For example, you could specify that you only accept cash for your services, or even offer a cash payment discount. If you need to earn some extra money really fast, we recommend that you purchase one of our discounted listing package (5-10 listings) and auction multiple unique services simultaneously. This will enhance your local marketing efforts, as long as you maintain good quality listings.


In Addition to Offering My Services, Are There Other Ways to Use My Discounted 10 Listing Package?

Yes! You are free to use your discounted listing package for any auction services we offer at InTownAuction. For example, maybe you are looking for local work and would also like to auction some additional pre-owned items. You can use your discounted auction package for any purpose you would like, without any restrictions (not even an expiration date!). InTownAuction is here to provide you with a powerful marketing medium aimed at helping you get the most out of your product or service listings.


Once I Register & List My Service, How Long Will it Take Me To Find Local Work?

How long it will take you to find local work will depend on a number of factors. First, your service must be useful. This means that there must be a local demand for your service. Second, your listing must be appealing to those searching for your service. After you register at InTown, we will guide you through the process of setting up your first listing and provide you with valuable tips to make your listing look highly professional and attractive.


How Does InTownWork Help Me Find Local Work and Do I Need to Fill Out a Job Application?

InTownWork is not an employment agency and we do not find you a job. Therefore, no lengthy applications, background checks or resumes are required to sign up for our service. Rather, we provide you with powerful tools and support to help you find local work. These tools include an advanced system to promote your service and ongoing tips to get the most benefit out of the service. We believe our service is superior to any other job site/classified ad listing site because we give you the tools to market yourself and encourage you to take an active part in the process of finding local work. In this new skills-based economy, one thing is clear: your tangible skills will get you work, while your resume sits idle!


Registration Common FAQ's

Do I have to Register with InTownAuction to Place a Bid on an Auction Item?

Yes- You must be a registered user in order to place a bid on any auction item.  InTownAuction maintains the highest quality content possible. We only want users to register who have a legitimate use for the site, whether they have an interest in purchasing a listed auction item or would like to bid on a listed auction item in their area. Users who are interested in national or international auction buying and/or selling would not be considered legitimate use because InTownAuction is for local use.


Do I Need a Credit Card to Register for the Free Trial?

No – when we say “free trial”, we really mean no-strings-attached-free! The online community  is full of gimmicks and scams that try to get you to sign up and make it literally impossible to cancel a service. We at InTownAuction are so confident that once you see the value of InTown, you’ll never use a classified site again.


General Feature FAQ's

How can I edit, update or change my personal account information such as my: username, First Name, Last Name, Zip Code, Street Address, City/Location or State?

This can be done by logging in, going to your profile page, deleting old information, retyping new information and finalizing by clicking on the “Update Profile” button. The button is located at the bottom of the page.


How can I change my password?

You can change your password by first logging in, then clicking on the “change Password” link that is found on the profile page. Once that is done, simply fill in the selected fields that are marked with an astrix (*). In order to finalize the change of your new password, click the “Change Password” button.


Can I type in more than one keyword in My Notification Preferences?

You can type in more than one keyword, but you will only be notified when the exact sequence and match of the words are used.


What is the purpose of the keyword field?

The keyword is an additional tool one can use to further narrow your search alerts. This allows you to be notified when listings post with exact word matches.


What are Notification Preferences and how can I change them?

The Notification Preference feature was designed to allow you to receive alerts from categories pre-selected by you the user. You have control over the range in which you are to be notified. This can be from your zip code, to up to 200 miles away. The category “Small Business Deals” is always preselected.
There are several features that pertain to Notification Preferences. There are 3 major categories (Products, Services, Bulletins) with a total of 70 sub categories. You are able to receive alerts on all 70 sub categories.

In order to add a category all you need to do is click on the “+” symbol next to the category you want to add. In order to remove a category all you need to do is click on the “-“ symbol next to the category you want to remove. Always click on the “Update Profile” at the bottom of the page after making any changes.

Edit Your Preferences


How do you access the profile page?

You must be signed into your account to access the profile page. The link to the profile page is in the upper right corner between the username and logout button.


What is the “Share This Auction” button and how does it work?

Every auction is set up so that users of InTownAuction can refer auctions to one another with minimal hassle and optimal ease. At the bottom right of every auction under the number of views, there is a button entitled “Share This Auction”. It does just that. This is a simple and convenient way to share any listing either on Facebook, Twitter or email.


Can InTownAuction messages be deleted?

Yes, Messages can be deleted by clicking on the box that lies left of each individual message. After checking that box, click the drop down box at the bottom left of the page. Choose the option that best describes the function you are trying to perform. In this case one would select the delete option.


How can I review and keep track of messages I’ve sent?

This can be done by clicking on “outbox”, which is found on the “My Messages” page.


What is the red number in ( ) next to “My Messages”?

That number lets you know how many unread messages are waiting for you in your message inbox.


How do I access my InTownAuction messages?

You can access your messages by clicking on “My Messages” found on the top right header of every page.


Auction Seller FAQ's

How do I Edit an Auction Listing?

You can edit your lsiting at any time for any reason. There are two ways you can Edit the Auction or Listing. By opening the Auction from the Browse window or by going to My Auctions Page of your account and clicking on the listing you would like to edit. Simply click the Edit Auction button and confirm the action in the pop up window.

Please note:  If your Auction has confirmed bids, you will not be able to edit.


How can I end my Auction Listing?

You can end your listing at any time for any reason. There are two ways you can End the Auction. Log in to your account, then open the Auction from the Browse Auctions Pages or by going to My Auctions Page. Simply click the End the Auction button and confirm the action in the pop up window.


How can I delete my Auction Listing?

You can delete auctions by going into your My Auctions Page of your InTown account. Check the boxes indiviudally for the Auctions you want to delete. Scroll to bottom of the page and click the delete button.

Please Note: Active Auctions (those with active bids) cannot be deleted.


How do I relist my Auction Listing?

You can relist auctions by going into your My Auctions Page of your InTown account. Service Auctions may be relisted as often as you like. But note (you can only re list for the same time duration as the initial listing) Product Auctions can only be relisted if the auction ended or was closed without any bids or buyer.


How do I get paid for my listed auction products and/or services?

Payment arrangements for auction item transactions are strictly between the buyers & sellers. We do not handle any auction buyer-seller payment arrangements. We encourage you to clarify any payment requirements directly with the buyer or seller, before making any auction commitments.


Auction Buyer FAQ's

When I Want to Bid on an Auction Item, How do I Ask The Auction Seller a Question?

It is simple to ask a question of the seller for any auction listing. All you have to do is Log In to your account, go to the auction listing and select “Send a Message to the Seller“. Once you have submitted the question, the Seller will receive it and can respond to you. Communication  between auction participants is administered through our secure internal email system, thus preventing spam and maintaining anonymity.

Please see highlighted example below:

Contacting a Seller


Once I Make a Bid & Win an Auction Item, How Do I Pay For The Item(s)?

Payment arrangements for auction item transactions are strictly between the individual buyers & sellers. We do not handle any auction buyer-seller payment arrangements. We encourage you to clarify any payment requirements directly with the buyer or seller, before making any auction commitments. All final transactions are strictly between the auction buyer & seller.




Posted by debb littlejohn
May 15, 2012 at 9:25 am

Is this a good auction site for me if i just have used items for sale no services? is there a moble app. for this site?

Posted by InTownAdmin
May 17, 2012 at 4:34 pm

Yes-this section of the site is mainly for local services. Our users told us they want to save money on these everyday services, so we optimized our service for this purpose. If you have products you would like to auction off, you can use our main website: Thanks for your feedback!

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