About InTownAuction

January 10, 2011 6:51 am

InTownAuction.com is a new 100% local marketplace that empowers local people to buy and sell directly from each other. InTown offers an innovative way for you to locally market your services or pre-owned stuff in an auction-style format.
InTown began with a simple idea: Create a site that allowed people from big and small communities alike to efficiently exchange their pre-owned  goods or services locally. The site had to be free of advertising, cheap, easy to use, spam free and reliable. It also had to take advantage of all the most powerful promotional tools available; Audio/Video, high resolution pictures and social media integration to fully realize its potential.

Hi, my name is Robert Payne and like everyone else in our country, I have been affected by a horrible economy. I felt let down by Corporate America and our “system”.  Being an unemployed dad, I realized that a lot of smart, hard working people found themselves with dwindling resources and desperately needed a way to keep an income coming into the household. Users needed a effective way to communicate their message to their local market without the normal barriers ($) to marketing.

Welcome to InTownAuction, where you can auction your dog washing, tree cutting service, pre-owned sofa or just about anything. InTownAuction will help empower people to tap into their entrepreneurial spirit to offer or create a service that can be provided and marketed to their local community. InTown was built so that local people can buy and sell directly without any kind of middleman taking a piece, hence everyone gets the best price…



Robert Payne A.G. (Average Guy)

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